Stix and Stones Woodcarving 

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My Name is Kevin Doherty and I'm a Woodcarver in North Eastern Pa.

This site will introduce you to many ways of woodcarving faces. Mainly wooden face carvings , but  other forms of carving also. We have plenty of wood carving videos for you to learn easy wood carving projects from, simple carving projects on making tree spirits, wood spirits, plenty of  ideas and wood carving designs.
.  Learn how to carve wood spirits in walking sticks and if you are worried that it's complicated, we have made it easy for you to start wood carving spirit faces with our online wood carving lessons.

Learn how to make your own wood carving designs and patterns and start carving wood spirits right away.

 Feel free to Browse and learn wood carving for free.

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There are many photos of my work in the galleries above.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy the site.